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Need a Supportive Friend and a Reliable Guide?

What do you think Life is? A Race or A journey?

Each and everyone of us has their own journey where we often tend to lose our way. That is the time where we need to have a pause and have our vision back, identify the shortcomings and work towards resolving it. We all need a guide who can not only advice us but work along with us to identify our goals, encourage us to be a better version of ourselves. As part of our Life Coaching programs, we focuses on improving people’s personal lives as well as their working lives. You would get a chance to meet best experienced professionals who would support you in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. Our only goal is your fulfillment in your relationships, careers and day to day lives.

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Manikanta Kamatam

Life Coach

Know your Coach

My name is Manikanta Kamatam. I am a Life Coach. I guide various people, social service organizations, change makers and entrepreneurs to lead successful career through Life Coaching. I also work as a Learning and Volunteering Coach  in my dream school Gurukulam Learning School. I am also providing Life Coaching to all the Gurukulam Champions to strengthen their learning skills through Tiny Habits Routine. Gave my guidance to over 400 rural champions. Apart from this, I am providing free simple tools to improve the mental health well being as a daily practice.